ODA Pre-Application Meeting Schedule Form

The Pre-Application Meeting is designed to help customers interested in developing a project on a specific property. In addition to this online scheduling form, you will also need to provide other supporting materials for city staff review prior to scheduling of your project for a pre-app meeting.

Please email following materials to ODA@auroragov.org

1) A narrative describing your site plan concept and proposed uses.

2) A sketch site plan. Professional preparation is not required; however, this drawing should be in plan view and drawn to scale. It should include the following minimum information; north arrow, key dimensions, adjacent streets, access points, building footprint and parking areas.

3) A Vicinity Map clearly showing the site in context with the surrounding area.

Please contact the Office of Development Assistance at (303) 739-7345 if you have any questions.

Confirmation of Zoning Status

This information is required before proceeding with the pre-app and can be obtained from the Planner-in-Charge in the Planning Department (303) 739-7217.

Click HERE to view the City of Aurora Zoning Map.

If your project will require a Re-Zoning, please execute the Zoning Inquiry Application found on the City’s Planning Forms & Applications page prior to proceeding with the request for a pre-application meeting. The Zoning Inquiry process detailed on the form must be completed prior to meeting with City Staff to initiate the Pre-Application Process.

General Information
Applicant Information

Consultant/Representative Information (if applicable)

Project Location and Description