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Department of Library & Cultural Services, 14949 E. Alameda Pkwy. Aurora, CO 80012 303-739-6597

  1. JOB, RATE, HOURS, FUNDING SOURCE, FLSA STATUS: You have been hired and agreed to perform the duties as described in the job description for the position, hourly pay rate and date periods identified in the E-Time Card system. The position may require working over 40 hours per week in which case overtime will be compensated in accordance with FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) for all program areas. Overtime pay will be calculated using a weighted average as the base hourly pay rate multiplied by time and one half (1.5). The base rate is derived from the average of all hourly pay rates the employee worked during the week weighted by the hours worked in at each pay rate.

  2. METHOD OF PAYMENT: Payment will be made in a bi-weekly paycheck. Direct deposit is required for all employees. Note: FICA, Medicare Tax, State and Federal Income Tax, Occupational Privilege Tax and any other payroll taxes will be deducted by the City.

  3. COMPENSATION BASED ON CLASS/UNIT/EVENT/ATTENDEES: In some cases, compensation for work may be based on the class, unit, event or number of attendees, rather than on an hourly rate, the eTimecard system and/or in a special agreement between the City and the employee. Method of payment and standard payroll deduction practices as noted above will apply.

  4. BENEFITS: Contingent and Seasonal employees, regardless of the funding source, are not eligible for Career Service rights and benefits which include: appeal rights, bumping rights, retirement benefits, health & dental, life, long term disability, paid leave, paid holidays and any other rights as specified in City Policies. Any benefits and/or payments beyond the base hourly pay rate shall be determined by City and Department Policy or by a special agreement in writing between the Department and employee. All employees are entitled to Workers Compensation if an on-the-job injury should occur and proper procedures are followed.

  5. AGREEMENT PERIOD & TERMINATION: Contingent and Seasonal employment, regardless of funding source, may be terminated for any reason, at any time, by either the city or the employee. This Agreement shall be in effect for the two-week payroll period as identified in the eTimecard system. This agreement is for the current payroll period and does not guarantee employment in the same capacity or any other capacity with the City in the future. However, contingent employees may, at the discretion of the Department, remain on the City payroll while inactive for up to twelve months and be re-activated if needed. Inactivity for more than twelve months will result in the removal of the employee from the City payroll system and require re-hiring and completion of the hiring process in order to return to work.

  6. POLICIES & PROCEDURES: All City employees are subject to, and agree to abide by all applicable Federal and State laws, and City ordinances, policies and procedure and Department policies and procedures.

This constitutes an agreement between the employee and the City of Aurora. By logging in to the eTimecard system, the employee indicates acknowledgement and understanding of the above employment terms and agrees that the hours indicated accurately reflect the actual hours worked on the dates identified. The employee also understands that if any fraudulent or falsified entries are made into the eTimecard system, privileges to the system will be terminated and proper disciplinary action will occur.