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Transparency and Open Government

The City of Aurora is providing its expenditure information online to increase accountability, understanding, and participation of its citizens. The City of Aurora is among the leaders in open government. The information on the transparency site is a result of that commitment to open government.

The information provided on this site consists of vendor payments made from the City's financial system that are not confidential in nature. If you have questions about the transparency information shown, please email us your questions or phone us at: (303) 739-7886. Most questions will be answered within two weeks, based upon the number of questions received.

The expenditure information is presented in three interactive views:

  • By Department - presents transactions grouped by Department, followed by Accounts, Vendors, and Months.
  • By Account - presents transactions grouped by Accounts, followed by Department, Vendors, and Months.
  • By Vendor - presents transactions grouped by Vendors, followed by Department, Accounts, and Months.